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Ryze Hydrogen join forces with Vauxhall

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Ryze to provide hydrogen to one of the world’s largest glass producers

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Germany’s Strategic Boost for Green Hydrogen

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Green Wave: 30 Maritime Giants Unite at COP28 to Supercharge Hydrogen for Net Zero Shipping

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Here’s hoping Party Conference talk converts to real green power

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The waste plastic recycling tech making hydrogen and graphene

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The pro American football team kicking carbon into touch with hydrogen

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Ryze-led consortium wins £3 million in UK Government funding to provide hydrogen refuelling to construction sites

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Taoiseach Leo Varadkar pays tribute to pioneering zero-emissions bus manufacturer Wrightbus in visit to Ballymena HQ

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Platinum set for significant growth thanks to energy transition driving hydrogen usage.

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Airbus, Rolls-Royce and easyJet call for UK leadership in hydrogen aviation

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State-of-the art Bradford hydrogen facility consultation launched

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UK hydrogen firm ITM strides forwards again

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Hydrogen Industry Growing In Pragmatism and Optimism.

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Hydrogen, applications focus: Airbus

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New CEO Joins Leading Zero-Carbon Bus Manufacturer Wrightbus

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SLAC Stanford Create New System for Turning Seawater into Hydrogen Fuel

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Hydrogen Can Move Into Pole Position

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Hydrogen UK’s Big Week

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Bradford Hydrogen Production Facility Shortlisted For Government Funding

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Funding Award For Ballymena Hydrogen Production Facility

An innovative multi-million pound green hydrogen production facility at the Ballymena headquarters of globally renowned sustainable bus manufacturer Wrightbus, has … Read More

Significant Natural Reserve Of Underground Hydrogen In Mali, West Africa

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Europe is leading the world in hydrogen-derived green steel

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By 2030, Ireland could manufacture the most affordable green hydrogen in Europe.

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The Porsche hydrogen powerplant prototype

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Preparing for take-off: aviation embraces clean hydrogen

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Tevva’s 350-mile range in freezing conditions another feather in hydrogen’s cap

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3 million zero-carbon-emission miles!

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Why we need clean hydrogen to ensure food security

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Vopak, Hydrogenious form JV to move LOHC technology into mainstream

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China – hydrogen’s sleeping giant set to awake

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UK must build on hydrogen momentum in 2023

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Transport options emerge with approval of first compressed hydrogen carrier

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Hydrogen takes pole position in race to decarbonise heavy equipment

There are very few good options for replacing diesel engines in plant machinery and most of them involve hydrogen. Batteries … Read More

Wrightbus cutting emissions today shows hydrogen no longer just fuel of tomorrow

Long-touted as the fuel of tomorrow, hydrogen is making its mark today as bus and train operators embrace the zero-carbon … Read More

Centrica and Ryze agree to develop hydrogen pathway

Energy giant Centrica and Ryze Hydrogen will jointly build and operate hydrogen production facilities aimed at providing a reliable supply … Read More

Teesside will become hydrogen SuperPlace to lead UK decarbonisation

Teesside could be the source of a quarter of the clean hydrogen produced in the UK by 2030 and the … Read More

Hydrogen can fix UK’s energy curtailment problem

The UK wasted a record 2.1 TWh of power in 2021 at a cost of £507 million as electricity was … Read More

Consortium formed to deliver ground-breaking clean air project in Bradford

    Gas distributor Northern Gas Networks (NGN) has partnered with clean energy pioneers Hygen Energy Holdings (Hygen) and Ryze Hydrogen to … Read More

Why we need hydrogen boilers and heat pumps for decarbonising domestic heating

There is much debate at the moment amongst advocates of both heat pumps and hydrogen boilers, but the fact is … Read More

Ammonia takes lead as medium of choice for shipping clean hydrogen

One of the benefits of clean hydrogen is that it can be produced anywhere that has an electrolyser and some … Read More

The pieces are falling into place for a clean hydrogen economy

The hydrogen economy will not be built in a day, but new pieces of the burgeoning ecosystem are appearing almost … Read More

UK funds hydrogen-enabled decarbonisation of steel, cement, ceramics production

The latest round of grants under the UK government’s Industrial Hydrogen Accelerator Programme shows the breadth of decarbonisation opportunities that … Read More

Let’s rebuild our economy around clean hydrogen hubs

There is no silver bullet for the UK’s current economic challenges, but clean hydrogen certainly comes close. Inflation, energy security, … Read More

Hydrogen UK needs swift response to EU and US incentives

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GE hydrogen turbine opens door to clean power revolution

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Hydrogen ICE trucks offer lower cost shift away from diesel

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Hydrogen trains on track to replace diesel around the world

The first hydrogen trains to enter commercial service have left the station. One may well be arriving at a platform … Read More

Norway gives glimpse of maritime future as hydrogen ferry plans approved

Two hydrogen-powered ferries set to plough Norway’s longest ferry route have received approval in principle from Lloyd’s Register, setting a … Read More

The future of motorsport is hydrogen; will consumers follow it in its wake?

Internal combustion engines running on hydrogen produce just as much torque as their petrol-powered cousins, with all the associated noise … Read More

Every UK region needs a hydrogen hub

The past few weeks have seen another flurry of new hydrogen cluster announcements across the UK. In early August, a … Read More

Hydrogen fuel cell cars: the tortoise to the battery electric hare?

There aren’t many hydrogen fuel cell cars on the road today. About 15,500 hydrogen passenger vehicles were sold in 2021, … Read More

Hydrogen trucks rev up as Daimler tests liquid fuel, Hyundai gets big German order

Hydrogen-powered trucks are entering the fast lane as Daimler and Hyundai demonstrate rapid advances in the technology driving the revolution … Read More

Hydrogen motorcycles aim to clean up transport’s dirty little secret

Two-wheeled transport isn’t as clean as you might think. Despite escaping many of the restrictions imposed on cars by cities … Read More

UK hydrogen aerospace solution gets first customer as sector takes off

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) has announced a deal to supply 10 hydrogen fuel cell conversion kits to German start-up airline … Read More

Australia seeks ‘hydrogen superpower’ status as electrolyser and renewables costs fall

Electrolyser costs declined by as much as 30% over the past two years and will continue to drop precipitously over … Read More

Hydrogen is greening the production of renewable energy

Green energy could be greener still with the help of hydrogen. While wind turbines produce a fraction of the carbon … Read More

Hydrogen a ‘slam dunk’ for heavy-duty transport over batteries

As the global transport sector rushes towards a net zero future, hydrogen fuel cells will come to dominate heavy-duty vehicles, … Read More

East of England joins hydrogen party with new cluster plan

Hydrogen East has unveiled details of its planned hydrogen cluster in the east of England, including six electrolyser sites, centred … Read More

Hydrogen is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for plant machinery

Volvo Construction Equipment has started testing the world’s first hydrogen articulated hauler prototype, joining the likes of JCB and Anglo … Read More

German bus order shows how UK can leverage hydrogen economy

The emerging hydrogen economy is about more than replacing dirty industrial processes for clean ones; it represents a rewiring of … Read More

Why clean hydrogen could be the saviour of the Supercar

There’s a simple reason many drivers don’t like battery electric vehicles: they’re boring. Weighed down by heavy batteries and producing … Read More

There’s more to hydrogen-powered transport than clean fuel

One of the main criticisms of clean transport solutions, such as electric vehicles, is that while the car itself doesn’t … Read More

New launches show clean hydrogen can clean up light commercial vehicles

Many owners of light commercial vehicles are in a bind. They want to run cleaner vans and buses, if not … Read More

Hydrogen boilers – a small step and a giant leap

With a gas boiler ban in new-build homes less than 3 years away, the need for viable alternatives is rapidly … Read More

Electrolyser revolution points to tumbling green hydrogen costs

Electrolysers have come a long way since the technology was first developed by William Nicholson and Anthony Carlisle in 1800, … Read More

New steering group to support zero carbon flights

The UK is continuing its push towards zero emission flights, with the creation of a new technology, infrastructure and regulation … Read More

Why green ammonia is vital to the hydrogen economy

Green ammonia doesn’t get the press it deserves. Maybe because it’s more of an industrial than a consumer product; maybe … Read More

UK readies world’s first clean hydrogen subsidies as Business Model takes shape

Not everyone was happy with last week’s series of clean hydrogen announcements by the UK government. Among the detractors were … Read More

Airbus takes the hydrogen revolution to the skies

Two companies dominate commercial aviation and only one of them is taking serious steps towards bringing a zero-emission aircraft to … Read More

Clean hydrogen can help rid us of waste too

Clean hydrogen promises to revolutionise our energy system, providing us with emissions-free transport, a means to decarbonise heavy industry, such … Read More

Test run for maritime hydrogen fuelling system

With transport responsible for one fifth of global CO2 emissions the race is on from all industries within the sector … Read More

UK need not wait until 2026 to decide hydrogen’s role in home heating

If the UK’s world-leading COVID-19 vaccine program taught us anything, it is that, given the right conditions, we can accelerate … Read More

How to build a hydrogen ecosystem

While we enjoy sharing stories about how hydrogen is revolutionising transport, industry, and energy (plus the occasional hydrogen-fuelled sports car) … Read More

Mayor highlights risk to jobs across the country if TfL isn’t properly funded with visit to Northern Ireland bus factory 

Sadiq Kahn has visited Wrightbus’ Ballymena factory to see the London electric double decker buses being made by the Northern … Read More

UK has an opportunity to be a hydrogen leader, but needs to raise its ambition

Opportunities like this do not come around often. The last time there was an energy revolution in the UK on … Read More

Biggest US utility announces massive plan to scale green hydrogen

Southern California Gas Co., the largest gas utility in the U.S., has announced a massive plan to deliver green hydrogen … Read More

Middle East energy heavyweights find new post-oil playbook in clean hydrogen

For the past 20 years there has been one model for Gulf states looking to wean themselves off dependence on … Read More

ArcelorMittal to spend €1.7bn decarbonising steel plants with hydrogen

ArcelorMittal, the world’s second-largest steel producer, has announced a plan to invest €1.7 billion by 2030 decarbonising its production facilities … Read More

Asia’s richest man to turn India into hydrogen powerhouse

Mukesh Ambani, the billionaire chairman of Reliance Industries, is planning to invest $75 billion in renewable energy infrastructure, including solar … Read More

Extreme E rally season two will be powered by hydrogen

As motor-sports shift focus to decarbonisation Hydrogen is going to be showing its worth in the most inhospitable of environments … Read More

Green hydrogen prices will plummet, catching out dithering investors

Companies dithering on hydrogen investments are in for a rude awakening as the cost of electrolysers used to produce green … Read More

easyJet boosts green credentials with hydrogen partnership

Already one of the most forward-thinking airlines in Europe in terms of decarbonisation, easyJet has taken another step towards zero … Read More

Hydrogen cargo bikes trialled in Aberdeen

Electric Assisted Vehicles (EAV) is launching a trial of hydrogen fuel cell cargo bikes amid concerns about the environmental credentials … Read More

World’s first liquefied hydrogen tanker embarks for Australia

The world’s first ship to transport liquefied hydrogen left Japan on Dec. 26 to fetch its first cargo from Australia … Read More

UK’s first hydrogen town kicks off ‘Zero Carbon Humber’ plans

The Humber region of northeast England is being explored as the location for the UK’s first hydrogen town. Norwegian energy … Read More

Exxon Mobil considers Southampton for new UK hydrogen hub

The UK could soon be home to yet another major hydrogen production project. US oil and gas supermajor ExxonMobil is … Read More

655 hydrogen buses for China’s Winter Olympics

The Chinese city of Zhangjiakou will use 655 hydrogen-fuelled buses to transport athletes and visitors around the competition zone at … Read More

BP plans significant UK green hydrogen project

BP has unveiled plans for what could be one of the UK’s largest green hydrogen facilities as it builds out … Read More

Transformational Hydrogen Bus Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

The bus which helped to transform green public transport celebrates its fifth anniversary this week. Since Northern Ireland-based Wrightbus unveiled … Read More

RAF sets Guinness World Record for flight with hydrogen-based fuel

Hydrogen is once again showing itself to be the product of choice for hard to decarbonise sectors. Aviation has shown … Read More

Johnson Matthey’s £50m hydrogen gigafactory

Hydrogen is providing the UK with a second chance to put themselves at the cutting edge of the energy transition, … Read More

Zero-emission coffee? Thanks to hydrogen it’s brewing…

Hydrogen fuel cells will help deliver zero-emission coffee cargoes from South America as Canadian roaster Café William moves closer to … Read More

Hydrogen ‘arrives’ with raft of major announcements at COP26

There have been so many landmark deals and initiatives around the hydrogen economy during COP26 that any one of them … Read More

Hydrogen Roadshow showcases best of British innovation at COP26

Some of the UK’s most innovative companies have taken to the road to showcase the technologies expected to power the … Read More

Ryze partner with JCB signing deal with FFI to become UK’s biggest Green Hydrogen supplier

Ryze Hydrogen (Ryze) in partnership with construction giant J C Bamford Excavators (JCB) have signed a multi-billion-pound deal with Fortescue … Read More

1 Million kgs of harmful CO2 saved by Wrightbus

Wrightbus Zero-emission Hydrogen buses have now prevented one million kgs of CO2 entering the atmosphere… As the COP26 – UN Climate … Read More

Hydrogen to play central role in UK net zero strategy

The UK government has confirmed that hydrogen will play a key role in its plans to decarbonise the economy as … Read More

INEOS announces £1.7 billion European green hydrogen plan

INEOS, the world’s largest multinational chemical producer, has committed to invest €2 billion (£1.7 billion) in green hydrogen production across … Read More

UK Hydrogen Roadshow shines spotlight on hydrogen innovation

The UK Hydrogen Roadshow , the first-ever double decker hydrogen bus tour of the UK, has set off from London today … Read More

Ryze Hydrogen And HyNet Accelerate Hydrogen Sector

Ryze Hydrogen and HyNet come together to accelerate the hydrogen sector Ryze Hydrogen, the low carbon hydrogen distribution company founded … Read More

UK Waste-to-Hydrogen Pioneer Goes International

In another sign of the UK’s emerging leadership in clean hydrogen, Powerhouse Energy, a pioneer in waste-to-hydrogen technology, has signed … Read More

BP, ADNOC and Masdar announce huge clean hydrogen collaboration

The daily announcements of significant new hydrogen projects continue: two of the biggest energy companies in the world have teamed up with … Read More

Airbus predicts launch of first hydrogen jet by 2035

Following on from our recently published article, in which the Airbus COO Mark Bentall expressed his high hopes for hydrogen-powered … Read More

Hydrogen Aviation Will Shortly Be Taking Off

Mark Bentall, Airbus COO to the Chief Technology Officer has announced that “Hydrogen offers us the biggest potential to reach the … Read More

Start Spreading The Hydrogen

New York is making another bold move to mitigate emissions and achieve its climate goals. This time it’s with the … Read More

India’s March Towards Hydrogen Super-Power

India have just played host to the International Climate Summit 2021, with their focus on becoming an international centre of environment-friendly … Read More

We Must Act Now To Lower Emissions

The sixth report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is unequivocal when explaining the disastrous effect we are having … Read More

Glasgow plan 13,500-tonne plastic-to-hydrogen site

The multiple benefits of Hydrogen are on display again, this time in Rothesay Dock, Glasgow, which could become home to … Read More

Wrightbus create 300 permanent jobs, and become shining example of #GreenRecovery

Could the arrival of good news be a bit like buses?   At UK bus manufacturer Wrightbus it certainly seems like it. … Read More

In light of IPCC’s warnings, was the Hydrogen Strategy worth the wait?

The IPCC have warned that time is up for the climate crisis, and that we’re at a tipping point for … Read More

Ryze Hydrogen welcomes UK Hydrogen Strategy

Ryze Hydrogen welcomes the Hydrogen Strategy, especially the Government’s recommitment to produce 1GW of low carbon hydrogen by 2025. As … Read More

Ryze Hy-lights Vol.5: Climate Emergency Report & New Data on Hydrogen Bus Carbon Reductions

The world’s leading climate scientists have given their strongest ever warnings about the worsening climate emergency, with many changes already effecting … Read More

Ryze Hy-lights: Pick of the Hydrogen News, Vol.4

Battery and fuel cell strategy goes flat as UK Net-zero targets are put at risk:   The UK House of Lords … Read More

Ryze Hy-lights: Pick of the Hydrogen News, Vol.3

Emissions continue rising fast as Governments fail to act: After the pandemic caused a much needed fall in emissions last … Read More

New York is pouring millions of dollars into researching the opportunities created by hydrogen to help decarbonise the city. New York city needs to tackle its emissions crisis and help tackle climate change.

Ryze Hy-lights: Pick of the Hydrogen News Vol.2

Start spreading the Hydrogen: New York are exploring green hydrogen to meet decarbonisation goals.   New York has a mandate to … Read More

Light reflects off a beautiful modern sculpture depicting the myriad of possibilities that await the UK if we unlock the green hydrogen economy

Ryze Hy-lights: Pick of the Hydrogen News Vol.1

Belfast’s green hydrogen refuelling station: In an effort to speed up the lowering of emissions, the forward thinking city of … Read More

Mayor launches hydrogen double deckers to reduce London’s carbon footprint and tackle toxic air in the capital

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, will today launch England’s first ever hydrogen double decker buses, marking another major step … Read More

Aberdeen to develop Energy Transition Zone with £26m investment

An extensive initiative to accelerate the energy sector’s transition to net-zero emissions will receive an investment of more than £26m. … Read More

Toxic smoke pours out of industrial chimneys, polluting the air. The atmosphere has been steadily heating up to a dangerous temperature as a result of pollution like this.

As we approach COP26 our planet keeps heating up…

  Ahead of the COP26 summit on climate change, due to be held in Glasgow in November, a major new study … Read More

The flags from many EU and no EU countries blow in the wind. All EU countries and several others with them are committing to clean hydrogen.

EU and 22 countries commit to Clean Hydrogen Mission

On June the 2nd, the European Commission, the UK and the US, and ministers from Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, … Read More

Plans announced for the North Sea offshore hydrogen ‘mega-project’

Cerulean Winds have announced they are looking for support for a substantial floating wind and hydrogen development, with which to provide power … Read More

What is an FCEV?

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are vehicles powered by hydrogen. Unlike conventional internal combustion engine vehicles FCEVs produce no exhaust … Read More

What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the method by which hydrogen is produced using renewable resources. It’s the way in which hydrogen earns its … Read More

A new world record for the longest journey on a single tank of zero-emission Hydrogen

The world record for the longest distance driven by a hydrogen-powered vehicle on a single tank has been broken by … Read More

‘Hydrogen NI’ group forms, to support rapid growth of Hydrogen Economy in Northern Ireland

Hydrogen NI (Northern Ireland) is a newly formed membership group established to assist the continued rapid growth of the Northern … Read More

This zero-emission hydrogen catamaran just cruised into San Francisco bay

All transport sectors are turning to decarbonisation solutions to slash their emissions, and shipping is very much one of them. … Read More

The Colours of Hydrogen

Hydrogen itself is a clean fuel with almost limitless applications, from fuelling transport to industry, and domestic homes. However, in … Read More

The UK hydrogen revolution is underway, but all eyes are on Government for the UK Hydrogen Strategy

The pressure on UK Government to publish their Hydrogen Strategy continues, as a fleet of Wrightbus hydrogen buses glides successfully along the … Read More

Bosch put €1bn into hydrogen fuel-cells

“Bosch is already hydrogen-ready” said Dr. Volkmar Denner, Bosch CEO, evidently proud of their commitment to invest €1bn over the next 3 … Read More

Plans for new German pipeline take off: transporting one million tonnes of green hydrogen each year

Clean energy plans are moving forwards for the first German pipeline that will transport one million tonnes of green hydrogen, directly from … Read More

Double-shot of zero-emission hydrogen Nespresso?

As part of a massive carbon footprint reducing plan by Nespresso, the coffee empire are committing to net-zero emissions across … Read More

Wrightbus hydrogen bus fleet hits 100,000 milestone saving 170,000kg of CO2

First Aberdeen and Aberdeen City Council are celebrating this week after their Wrightbus zero emissions hydrogen bus fleet notched up its … Read More

Bordeaux becomes home to massive new Hydrogen production plant

As France and Europe continue to invest in hydrogen, GH2, a leading developer of renewable hydrogen projects in Europe, North … Read More

The dawn of the hydrogen home.

As Boris Johnson commits to increasingly ambitious targets for lowering UK emissions, and as the frosty mornings continue well into … Read More

India will create a hydrogen-based economy

The Indian oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan has announced that India will create a hydrogen-based economy, focusing on transport fuels and … Read More

Olympics 2022: Green hydrogen energy construction underway

Coinciding with the ‘300 days to go’ countdown, new work on a “green” hydrogen energy project for the Beijing 2022 … Read More

Canada’s first Hydrogen Hub: Boosting economy, creating jobs, tackling climate crisis

Buses, trains, trucks, homes and farm machinery all running on zero-emission hydrogen fuel, emitting only water vapour, as part of … Read More

I’ll have a whiskey and hydrogen please.

A successful feasibility study of zero-emission hydrogen power for making whiskey has been announced, as the spike in hydrogen investment … Read More

Jo Bamford Encouraged By SNP’s Hydrogen Commitments

Increased funding has been announced by Nichola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party to speed up the decarbonisation of the transport sector … Read More

Segway’s New Hydrogen Sports Bike Gets Us Closer To Tron Age

Hydrogen, once known as the fuel of the future, is very much the fuel buzzword of the now, being adopted … Read More

Beijing will have 10,000 hydrogen cars and trucks by 2025.

Beijing have announced that in only four years it will have 10,000 hydrogen fuel cell cars and trucks on its … Read More

EU pledges to secure significant hydrogen investments

The Council of the European Union (EU) have heralded the significant attraction of international hydrogen investment.  Investing in hydrogen is being … Read More

The biggest solar company in the world is entering the Hydrogen market

The world’s biggest solar company, China’s Longi Green Energy Technology Co., is entering the hydrogen market. At close to $52 billion on … Read More

Multi-million pound scheme to put zero-emission buses across England goes live

The government has announced that a multi-million pound scheme to put zero-emission buses across England has gone live, with zero-emission … Read More

Asia’s biggest oil refiner swings to hydrogen for net-zero by 2050

Chinese company Sinopec Corp is the largest oil refiner in Asia, and with a confirmed commitment to be carbon neutral … Read More

Brazil’s ambitious plans for developing green hydrogen production

Humans are responsible for approximately 50 billion tonnes of annual CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, an amount which has risen … Read More

Wrightbus leads one of three UK emission-cutting projects to share government funding

Transport is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK, accounting for approximately 34 per cent, and so the … Read More

Hydrogen plays lead role in UK Government climate change funding

The UK government has confirmed investment of £171 million for nine projects, located in Humber and Teesside, Scotland, South Wales … Read More

Bill Gates invests in Hydrogen tech firm H2Pro

The CEO of Hydrogen tech company H2Pro is in an understandably positive mood. “We definitely see a worldwide market for … Read More

India: the fastest-growing trillion-dollar economy with ‘green hydrogen’ in its sights

India is the fastest-growing trillion-dollar economy in the world. Despite the negative impact of lockdown resulting in a near-stop of … Read More

Wrightbus order 50 new Hydrogen fuel-cells as demand increases for zero-emission Buses

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Can Saudi Arabia’s controversial new ‘megacity’ enable dominance in green hydrogen exports?

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Sunak’s budget announces successful Freeport East Hydrogen Hub bid

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Europe and Asian Nations Leading The World In Hydrogen Development

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UK Tech titans team up to tackle climate change and boost green investment

There’s a rumble on tech roundabout, as fifteen of the UK’s largest tech firms have formed a “Tech Zero taskforce”, … Read More

Plug Power Inc. will build the biggest green hydrogen plant in North America

Having started life selling zero-emission Hydrogen-powered forklifts, Plug Power Inc. has announced it will now build the biggest green hydrogen plant … Read More

The spotlight moves from batteries to Green Hydrogen

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Uncertainty surrounds imperfect and expensive petrol station changes by 2030

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Nothing stands in the way of a flourishing U.S. Hydrogen industry, as Biden rejoins Paris Agreement.

America’s energy experts are turning to hydrogen as a major part of their country’s low-carbon future, as investors move away … Read More

Europe pulls ahead in race for hydrogen

The European Union has made hydrogen a key plank in its aim to eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, … Read More

AW-Energy Oy brings wave energy technology to green hydrogen

Entering into the clean H2 market, renewable power company Aw-Energy has announced a new strategy, using its wave energy technology to step … Read More

Zerro: First hydrogen ambulance comes to London

The first hydrogen ambulance will come to London later this year built by conversion specialist Ulemco. Named Zerro (short for … Read More

Australia are rapidly creating a globally competitive hydrogen industry

Australia are rapidly creating a globally competitive hydrogen industry, part of which is the establishing of a network of hydrogen … Read More

Abu Dhabi announce investments in hydrogen production

In its virtual Sustainability Week last month, Abu Dhabi announced planned investments in blue and green hydrogen production, and zero-carbon … Read More

Shell places its bet on rapid hydrogen growth, biofuels and power trading

The energy giant is expanding its shift away from oil instead of following the direction of its competition. Shell is … Read More

Ryse Hydrogen’s Clean Energy Trends for 2021

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Boris Johnson sets up task forces to kickstart the economy after lockdown

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Is this the beginning of the end for Fossil fuels?

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No Need for That Sinking Feeling, as Zero-emission Hydrogen meets Shipping Tech

Maritime transport is responsible for about 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.  The solution for decarbonising this sector is Hydrogen … Read More

Hydrogen Valley?

California’s Silicon Valley data centres want clean alternatives to replace back-up diesel generators, and several industry players say hydrogen can … Read More

World’s Biggest Offshore Wind Producer progresses Into Hydrogen

The world’s biggest producer of electricity from turbines at sea, Orsted, is to expand beyond wind power,  using the technology … Read More

Cost of green hydrogen can soon be balanced with fossil fuels

Finding a way to make Green Hydrogen cheaply has often been described as the holy grail of green energy transition, … Read More

This is #ClimateAction

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Here’s Why Everyone Should Care About Green Hydrogen

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How hydrogen enables us to leave behind fossil fuels

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The Hydrogen Council reaches 100+ members as the Hydrogen industry enters its next stage of growth.

After a year of unprecedented momentum for hydrogen, the global coalition of CEOs committed to accelerating the energy transition with … Read More

COP26: Alok Sharma leaves business job to focus on climate role

Alok Sharma is to leave his position as business secretary to focus full-time on his role as president of the … Read More

2020 Confirmed as Joint-hottest Year of All Time as UK Prepare to Host COP26 Climate Conference

New data released by Copernicus, the EU climate monitoring centre, confirms that 2020 has tied with 2016 as the hottest … Read More

UK Hydrogen Stocks Rise Despite Lack of Government Support

Edison Group have released a new report looking at the rising development of the Hydrogen industry, despite the lack of … Read More

Ryse Hydrogen’s Top 10 From 2020

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The World’s 13 Largest Green Hydrogen Projects

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Green boost for regions to cut industry carbon emissions

Six projects across the UK will today receive a share of £8 million in government funding as part of a … Read More

The New Toyota Hydrogen Mirai: The Facts

As Japan push for faster results in their journey to net-zero, Toyota have released their second-generation Mirai, and the more … Read More

Hydrogen Fund Backs Exploration of ‘Gold Hydrogen’ in Spain

Ascent Funds, the New York based Hydrogen fund, has signed an agreement with Helios Aragon, the hydrogen and helium exploration … Read More

Hydrogen engine maker Plug Power increase relationship with Walmart

Plug Power, the maker of fuel cell engines, today announced that it is expanding its relationship with Walmart, and will be supplying … Read More

EU to ‘rapidly upscale’ Hydrogen market

Member states have set aside their divergences on renewable vs ‘low-carbon’ hydrogen to focus on efforts to “rapidly upscale the … Read More

The ‘Ryse Hydrogen Christmas Top Twenty’

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What is ‘Green Hydrogen’, and why is it such a hero?

What is ‘Green Hydrogen’? Hydrogen production can involve different raw materials and result in varying end products and therefore levels … Read More

100 new zero emission Wrightbus buses announced for Northern Ireland

Representing an investment of around £66 million by the Department for Infrastructure, the programme will include the buses supplied by … Read More

Hydrogen Takes Off

The long overdue first ever dedicated parliamentary debate on the use of hydrogen in transport took place last Thursday. MP … Read More

Yorkshire MP pledges to create “Britain’s Hydrogen Valley”

Rother Valley MP Alexander Stafford wants region’s industrial heartlands to be ‘Britain’s Hydrogen Valley’ It comes as 10 Tory MPs … Read More

Hydrogen Europe envisage 100,000 Hydrogen-powered Trucks and 1,500 Stations Deployed by 2030.

A milestone towards the decarbonisation of the heavy-duty industry in Europe was revealed at European Hydrogen Week: a coalition statement … Read More

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s ‘Green’ 4×4 will be powered by Hydrogen

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Ineos Grenadier SUV will be powered by Hydrogen.  The British billionaire has signed a deal with Korean … Read More

China Goes Ahead With Hydrogen Cars Defying Elon Musk

China’s State Council has released a 15-year plan for new-energy, and said the country will focus on building the fuel-cell … Read More

6 Key Benefits Of Hydrogen

At Ryse we believe Hydrogen is the most practical Zero-emission fuel. Hydrogen made in the U.K. can be a 100% … Read More

Aberdeen Looks To A Hydrogen future…

We’re delighted that visionary Aberdeen City Council is planning to order a further ten hydrogen fuel cell double-decker buses, and … Read More

Will the PM’s £12bn ‘Green Recovery Investment Plan’ create 250,000 UK jobs?

The Prime Minister yesterday launched his ’10-point plan’ for a green recovery, with £12bn the topline investment figure (although there … Read More

UK Must Act Now On PM’s Green Recovery Plan Or Risk Being Left Behind

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced his 10 point plan for the UK’s ‘green economic recovery’. Hydrogen is at the … Read More

UK Prepares to ‘Bet Big’ on Hydrogen Power

Boris Johnson is set to lay out plans for a ‘green industrial revolution’ to tackle climate change. On a secluded … Read More

UK Expected to Ban Sale of new Petrol and Diesel cars from 2030

Boris Johnson is understood to be planning to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars within a decade, … Read More

California is jump-starting the Hydrogen economy

With over 7,500 hydrogen vehicles on the road, an aggressive state program of incentives and subsidies from cap-and-trade dollars envisions … Read More

Councillors give green light for Aberdeen “hydrogen hub”.

Councillors have given the green light for a new “hydrogen hub” to be created in Aberdeen. Town House leaders have … Read More

If the U.K. don’t act on Hydrogen we’ll miss the boat

“The U.K. is primed and ready to lead the way with Hydrogen” says Jo Bamford, founder of Ryse, director and … Read More

Time to switch to Hydrogen boilers

Almost a million gas boilers a year will have to be replaced with low-carbon forms of heating to meet the … Read More

BP CEO focuses on Hydrogen and Low-carbon

“We are believers in hydrogen being maybe the fuel of choice for heavy-duty transport over the medium term, and are … Read More

JCB Celebrates 75 Years at the top, and Views a Hydrogen-fuelled Future

Lord Anthony Bamford, Chairman of JCB, Europe’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment, has expressed he is ‘intensely interested’ in alternative … Read More

Major Energy Companies Bet Big on Hydrogen

As the oil-and-gas industry struggles to secure its place in a world shifting away from fossil fuels, major energy companies … Read More

Transport Secretary: Hydrogen Worth as Much as Oil and Gas?

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has given a speech to the ‘Great Northern Conference’ in which he spoke about the potential of … Read More

Are Councils Hitting Their Clean Air Targets?

It is impossible to ignore the spotlight that COVID has put on the environmental crisis, also the devastating impact it … Read More

Australia To Develop One of World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Plants

The Western Australian Government has granted environmental approval for the Asian Renewable Energy Hub, a globally significant renewable energy project … Read More

Hydrogen Boom Will Provide A $200B Boost To Wind And Solar Energy

The renewable energy sector has lately been sizzling with very bullish projections–and a few bearish ones–coming from Wall Street. Solar … Read More

The Hydrogen Popemobile

Pope Francis is known for his environmental concerns, so when he took delivery of his new Hydrogen powered zero-emissions Toyota … Read More

The World’s first hydrogen-powered double decker arrives in Aberdeen

The world’s first hydrogen-powered double decker bus arrived in Aberdeen yesterday, which showcases the city as a trailblazer in hydrogen … Read More

Hydrogen buses coming to Birmingham Spring 2021 

Birmingham City Council has purchased 20 new hydrogen double decker buses as part of their Clean Air Hydrogen Bus Pilot.  … Read More

Has everyone seen “Extinction: The Facts”?

David Attenborough’s latest documentary reminds us of the stark truth about mankind’s devastating impact on our planet’s biodiversity. Surely now, … Read More

Exclusive: ‘World first’ floating green hydrogen project coming to Aberdeen

Aberdeen has been selected as the home for the “world’s first” offshore floating facility to produce green hydrogen. Read full … Read More

What does a ‘green recovery’ mean to you?

Are you involved in any practical solutions being undertaken right now to tackle the two most serious issues our country … Read More

The Dawn of The Green Hydrogen Recovery

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Teesside to be UK’s first hydrogen transport centre

THE UK’s first research, development and testing centre for hydrogen transport will be based on Teesside, the Government has announced. … Read More

Providing Renewable Energy Suppliers With More Business

It’s often said that the answer to a problem lies right in front of your nose… As the raging winds … Read More

Green Hydrogen Cost Is Set To Halve By 2030

Green hydrogen production cost is expected to halve by 2030, signalling a boost to South Korea’s hydrogen ambitions, says Wood … Read More

U.K. Government Seeks Legally Binding Environmental Targets

The government has today offered a further glimpse of its plans to develop new legally-binding targets for waste and resources, … Read More

Jaguar Land Rover Announce Hydrogen SUV Project

With the British government passing an act that would ban the sale of internal combustion-engined vehicles by 2035 or sooner, … Read More

Whiskey Goes Green Thanks To U.K. Government Funding

Whiskey and hydrogen anyone? Whisky and spirit lovers the world over will soon be able to enjoy their favourite tipple … Read More

Green Hydrogen Prices Set To Drop 50%

Green Hydrogen Prices Are Set To Drop By 50% During The Next Decades: A study commissioned by the International Council … Read More

Hydrogen Train Trial For U.K. By 2020

Following the recent announcement of the Government’s intention to remove diesel trains from the network by 2040, Alstom has developed a hydrogen-powered … Read More

We Must Embrace Hydrogen To Reach Net Zero

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The Hydrogen-powered Supercar Can Drive 1000 Miles On A Single Tank

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Boris Johnson Primed To Rebuild Economy As Energy Sector Opens Door To 30 Million Jobs

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