Hydrogen, the model zero-carbon energy source, goes mainstream with Cara Delevingne

Hydrogen, the model zero-carbon energy source, goes mainstream with Cara Delevingne

Renowned model and climate advocate, Cara Delevingne, has partnered with Vattenfall, the European energy company, to introduce a face mist derived from hydrogen. Known as “The Industrial Emissions Face Mist,” the idea aims to raise awareness about the beauty of fossil-free hydrogen, and challenge traditional perceptions of industrial waste.

Collaborating with creative agency NORD DDB, Vattenfall’s campaign seeks to redefine societal views on industrial waste. The initiative promotes the use of hydrogen at a time when governments and businesses look for ways to decarbonise, and also underscores the importance of embracing new ideas in the pursuit of a greener future.

The campaign aims to transform the perception of waste materials in various industries, to inspire change and promote the adoption of environmentally friendly practices.

In October 2022, Vattenfall began teasing their campaign across various channels, offering a glimpse into the project’s development during the shooting phase. Building on the anticipation, Cara Delevingne also took to her social media channels to drop hints, sharing intriguing insights about how industrial emissions can surprisingly benefit the skin. By leveraging her influential platform, Delevingne aims to spark conversations and create awareness about the transformative potential of hydrogen.

Supermodel and environmental champion Cara Delevingne collaborates with European energy firm Vattenfall to introduce the world’s first facial mist crafted from industrial waste water, a campaign idea designed to highlight the carbon-free credentials of hydrogen

Through the collaboration Vattenfall seeks to emphasise the immense capabilities of fossil-free hydrogen in powering various industries. The ‘Industrial Emissions Face Mist’ harnesses wastewater generated during the production of fossil-free steel, using hydrogen as a fuel source. Unlike traditional fuels, hydrogen emits water instead of carbon dioxide, and it was this fact that sparked the idea for the campaign. The resulting emissions are remarkably clean, making them suitable for a refreshing face mist. Hydrogen is increasingly being used to decarbonise transport of all kinds, industry and also domestic heating. 2023 has seen the rapid growth of the hydrogen industry, with numerous countries launching significant new hydrogen projects.


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Described as ‘systemic change in a 50ml bottle,’ Vattenfall’s campaign showcases the transformative potential of sustainable hydrogen. By repurposing its wastewater and highlighting the clean nature of fossil-free hydrogen, Vattenfall aims to inspire a shift towards more eco-friendly solutions across industries.

“Throughout this project, I have learned so much about hydrogen, working with Vattenfall has allowed me to see first-hand how this fuel works and how it can transform entire industries. Therefore, I’m thrilled to be part of this project and raise awareness about an initiative that demonstrates the huge potential of hydrogen in replacing fossil fuels. If it takes applying the emissions on my face to spread this message, I am willing to do it” said Cara.

The campaign adopts a communication style reminiscent of the beauty industry, effectively capturing audiences’ attention. It serves as a platform to showcase an incredibly unique and innovative beauty product whilst highlighting the remarkable potential of hydrogen.

As calls for the UK government to further their commitment to hydrogen escalate, the campaign coincides with the private sector proactively developing pioneering hydrogen infrastructure projects as both Europe and the US forge ahead with their hydrogen strategies.

Paul Morel, the brand campaign manager, said that Delevingne’s dedication to sustainability played a crucial role in the collaboration, which memorably unites the realms of beauty and energy.

Morel highlighted Delevingne’s unwavering commitment to environmentally conscious practices as a driving force behind the partnership’s innovation and success. By bridging the gap between the two industries, the collaboration aims to amplify the message of sustainability and inspire positive change in both sectors.

Cara Delevingne has over 42 million followers on Instagram, and is starring in a new campaign promoting hydrogen, a clear indication that this zero-carbon energy source has achieved mainstream recognition.

“Recognising Cara’s important voice as a climate advocate in her community, we believe the partnership is perfect to raise awareness and inform people about fossil free hydrogen, which we believe will be a very powerful tool to decarbonise industries. We need to keep finding new ways to reach and connect with different audiences to demonstrate the progress being made towards fossil free living. We’re not entering the beauty world, but this is a new way for us to send a message in an unexpected way.” Morel continued.

With the simple objective of generating as far-reaching engagement as possible the campaign employs community profile collaborations on both global and national scales. This strategic approach ensures maximum outreach across the diverse fields of beauty, fashion, technology, and industry. By partnering with influential figures in these communities, the campaign aims to amplify its message and engage as broad an audience as possible in discussions about hydrogen’s potential.

After being filmed in October 2022, the campaign has now been officially launched across Europe. Over the next two months, the ‘Industrial Emissions Face Mist’ will be featured as a media campaign in various markets, using different formats tailored to each market, including TV commercials, cinema ads, digital and social media promotions, digital outdoor units, and print advertisements. This comprehensive approach ensures a widespread and impactful presence across multiple channels, maximising the campaign’s reach and engagement.

Jennie Körnung, senior client director at NORD DDB says “Vattenfall’s partnership with Cara Delevingne to create the world’s first face mist made from industrial waste is a testament to their commitment to drawing attention to the possibilities of fossil free technologies by breaking into the culture people are already in. They have been consistent in their approach of doing integrated and unexpected communications, and based on the results for the brand it shows that it works”.

The production of the face mist was undertaken by c/o Gerd, a renowned Swedish beauty company recognized for its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly beauty products. While the face mist was not created with the intention of being commercially available for purchase, as a part of this initiative, a limited quantity of face mist bottles were produced. These bottles serve as tangible evidence, demonstrating that the emissions used in the mist are exceptionally clean and safe for application on people’s faces.

Cara Delevingne, being a central figure in the campaign, will continue to actively communicate about hydrogen through her social media channels, contributing to spreading awareness about the benefits and importance of this sustainable energy source. The campaign’s multi-faceted approach seeks to inspire individuals from various backgrounds to join the conversation and drive positive change towards a more sustainable future.

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