Glasgow plan 13,500-tonne plastic-to-hydrogen site

Glasgow plan 13,500-tonne plastic-to-hydrogen site

The multiple benefits of Hydrogen are on display again, this time in Rothesay Dock, Glasgow, which could become home to the UK’s second plastic-to-hydrogen facility.

The plans for the 13,500-tonne site with a value of approximately £20m have been submitted to West Dunbartonshire Council by Peel NRE.

The plant will convert non-recyclable plastics into renewable hydrogen for refuelling fuel cell vehicles, with technology pioneered by Powerhouse Energy Group out of the UK.

Hydrogen refuelling station plans have also been put forward for the site already.  A decision is expected as soon as this Autumn, and the development would take approximately 15 months.

Scotalsn produces around 500,000 tonnes of waste plastic every year, so a plant to turn plastic into sustainable hydrogen would benefit the country greatly

Scotland produces around 500,000 tonnes of waste plastic every year, so a plant to turn plastic into sustainable hydrogen to fuel zero-emission vehicles would benefit the country greatly.

Development Director at Peel, Richard Barket, said, “We’re a long way from removing all plastic from society and, while the priority should be on reducing, reusing and recycling what we can, there will still be some end-of-life plastics that need managing.

“The Powerhouse technology not only enables us to deal with this material on our shores, it also produces hydrogen which can be used as a clean vehicle fuel, helping to reduce carbon emissions associated with diesel fuel and improve local air quality.

“As we head towards COP26 in Glasgow, this is a great example of how the UK is innovating in net zero and delivering pioneering technologies that can be used the world over.”

Research shows that around 500,000 tonnes of waste plastic are produced in Scotland every year, so the proposed development brings numerous benefits to the country.

“We welcome the submission of the planning application for a second site for our recycling technology which will transform plastics and waste into clean energy.

“We hope this pioneering technology will play an important role in supporting the objective of both Holyrood and Westminster to make hydrogen a key element of Scotland’s decarbonisation strategy” said Tim Yeo, Chairman of Powerhouse Energy Group.

Planning a hydrogen refuelling station at this site will help bolster the region’s infrastructure and help accelerate the clean energy transition, improving our environment for future generations in the region.”

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